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Orange Cookie Recipe - Merry Christmas!

I have had many requests for this Orange Cookie Recipe.  I served these at my open houses and never had any left... people always wanted the recipe.

 So here it is below..

Merry Christmas! 


1 Cup Shortening    ,  Juice & Zested Rind of One Orange  ,   2 eggs,   2 cups Sugar,          1 tsp baking soda     4 1/2 cup Flour    I cup of Sour Milk  ( just at 1tsp vinegar to milk and let set a minute)  1 tsp baking powder...

Mix Shortening  , Sugar, eggs and beat..

then add 2 cups flour, baking powder , baking soda, zest... mix 

then add the rest of the flour... beat a little then add milk and juice.  mix well

drop cookies on cookie sheet and bake 10 - 12 min.. (ovens vary so check at 9 min for doneness)   in a 350 oven.

let cool then ice,

Icing - 1/2 butter,  juice and rind of one orange...  add enough powdered sugar to make nice spreadable icicng..


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