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Kilmallock Priory Cross

Kilmallock Priory Cross


The Wedding Cross

Once the chief town of the Earls of Desmond, Kilmallock still retains much of its medieval past.  It is named after the monastery built here in the 7th century by St. Mocheallog.  A large section of its walls, including the massive Blossom Gate, is still intact.  A footbridge over the Loobagh leads to Kilmallock’s 13th century Dominican priory, a gaunt ruin strangely beautiful in its grassy setting with a tracery of a 15th-century window still intact in the south transept.  The double wedding rings in the center makes this cross a true celebration of the sacrament of marriage.  We feel the beautiful graceful shape and airiness lends itself to the memory of the holy matrimony.

Co. Limerick, Ireland

10 1/2" x 5”

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